Punjab government is in the process of releasing the 20,000 prisoners, owing to the coronavirus pandemic. This disease has been spreading all over the world and since the whole world is currently under threat from this disease it is good news to know that it has reached the state of Punjab. The State of Punjab has a very high risk of contracting this disease and therefore they are releasing the prisoners in large numbers.

As per the release orders released prisoners will be released in two batches, the first batch of 2020 prisoners will be released in one week’s time while the second batch of 2020 prisoners will be released in two weeks. During the release of the prisoners in the police has been asked to enforce tight security measures in the locality. These guards have been requested to keep a watch over the people, checking their background and at the same time patrolling the city.

Earlier the Pakistani federal government did not support the move, but recently they did support the move. Since this pandemic is being spread through air, it is believed that there is a very high risk of contracting this disease. According to reports, there have been several deaths caused due to this pandemic and this is being viewed as an act of terrorism.

Punjab government has also taken note of the disease and has already started its treatment measures. These measures include vaccination of children. If you are thinking of going out of the city and working then it is better for you to take the child vaccines and if possible go to an appropriate doctor who will provide the necessary vaccinations. The government has advised the citizens not to leave their children unattended at home.

Parents who are thinking of sending their children to any private school or clinic are also advised to do so because of the danger created by the disease. Once you pass out of the city and reach your destination you should be extremely careful because of the high risk involved.

The administration has not only decided to release the prisoners, but they are also launching its campaign against the existence of polio in the country. They have also collected a sum of money to be given to the parents so that they can buy the necessary vaccines for their children.

Pakistan has seen several cases of flu and is working hard to ensure that the people get enough vaccination so that the immunity level in the population increases. This will help the people get cured and continue to work and play normally without worrying about the virus.

Educationists say that the biggest enemy of the virus is awareness of the people regarding the disease and how it has affected them. This means that the people must educate themselves about the disease and how to stay away from it.

Besides this, the people must stop playing computer games and other dangerous activities that make the risk of getting the disease even higher. Similarly the people should avoid prolonged sitting and moving of the body which has been proven to be a cause of the spread of the disease.

People have to be aware that this problem is not confined to one part of the country and it is widespread all over the world. They have to be alert and make sure that their children are vaccinated.

If you happen to be a resident of Pakistan then you must go to the health centers and clinics to get yourself vaccinated. There are a lot of children who have already been infected with the disease and are undergoing treatment.

While the Punjab government is helping the people to overcome the problem, they are also encouraging people from all over the world to visit Pakistan and see how they are coping with the situation. You can visit the health centers and clinics of Pakistan and help them out.


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