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Uniqueness of Hinduism

Hinduism is complex for a few, in reality very simple

For many people, Hinduism is quite complicated. The fundamental question about what exactly it is has remained unanswered for very long. This is perhaps because several people who contradict each other in numerous aspects of life all claim that they are Hindu. So what exactly is Hinduism?

Well, let’s look back at an interesting judgement the Supreme Court of India gave way back in 1995. The Supreme Court ruled that “Hindutva is a way of life”. This was a break through to the layman’s understanding of this faith. People did not really understand, all these years they wrote “Hindu” in the religion column of any form they filled.

So what is it?

Analyzing the Supreme Court judgement, one can only understand Hinduism more deeply. My interpretation of the judgement is this, “Hinduism is like water. You can mix it with anything.” This is perhaps where it differs from all religions – the inclusiveness.

It would be strange to say, but a Muslim or a Christian or even an atheist can be considered to be Hindu. Hinduism never dictates that a Hindu should worship any particular god. In fact the Charvaka school of thought within Hinduism itself proclaims that there is no God! It grants complete freedom.

One God or many or no God?

There are hundreds of Hindu Gods which majority of the people believe in. Some other believe that they themselves and everyone in the world is God, that is that Advaita school of thought. This school of thought says “there is no two, we are all one.”

This is the uniqueness of Hinduism. This is what the Supreme Court meant by ruling that “it is a way of life”. Religions like Islam and Christianity worship one single God – these are religions. But when you take a deeper look at it, you will understand, it is no religion, it is a philosophy, a way of life.

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