newsflashx December 1, 2017

Washington D.C. – President Donald Trump’s landmark tax bill is finally set to be approved by the Senate today. Despite initial reports that several Senators within the Republican Party were opposing the tax bill, the Republicans claimed a thumping majority today. At least 50 GOP members, the minimum number required to pass the Bill, confirmed that they’ll be supporting the Bill.

President Trump had made it clear several times that he would be “greatly disappointed” if the Bill would now be passed, especially considering that this was one of his biggest promises during the run for President, and today, it is all set to become a reality. The Bill would greatly benefit the middle class tax payers with an annual income less than $200,000.

This man’s last minute change will make it happen

Despite the President’s consistent efforts to convince all Republican Senators to vote for the Bill, there were several people within the Party who seemed to be opposing it, and most of them were mainly from States who charge a high tax rate. The Bill would considerably cut down their tax collections as it aims to put an end to high State tax rates.

There were mainly three Republican Senators who opposed the Bill – Arizona Senator Jeff Flake, Maine Senator Susan Collins, and Tennessee Senator Bob Corker. However, Jeff Flake announced just after noon that after continued talks with the White House, he had decided to change his vote, and will now be supporting the Bill.

The position of Bob Corker still seems to be unclear, however, Susan Collins said, “we are working through a few more of my issues. We’re making great progress”. The Republicans will be able to easily pass the Bill, as they have at least 50 GOP votes, and the tie-breaking vote from Vice President Mike Pence.

The Republicans received a major relief today morning after Daines and Johnson issued statements supporting the Bill. Daines said that the Bill was a “significant tax relief for Main Street businesses,” ad declared that he would be supporting it. Corker however said that he feared the Bill could raise our national deficit if the growth rate predicted by Trump did not materialize.

Meanwhile, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell already seems to have declared victory after he announced to the media, “we have the votes”. Sources in the White House confirmed that a few changes have been made to the Bill after demands from several Republicans, but in essence, remains the same – to benefit the middle class working Americans.

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