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Study effectively

Study effectively!

Are you putting in too many hours, yet unable to complete even a small book for your exams? Well, that simply means you need to make small changes to the way you study in order to gain maximum benefit of the hours you put in. Although the below points would help you to study effectively, always keep in mind that understanding what you study is the first and best method to study effectively.

1. Be happy, but not too happy

This is first and most important point to study effectively. It is very important that you are a little happy while studying. Other emotions such as sadness, anger, or too much happiness tend to distract one from studies. That is, you would still be looking at your books with your eyes, but would not be grasping what is written in it. The next day when you look at your books, you would be wondering whether you studied at all!

2. Be active

The second most important thing is to be active. This could include going to the gym or simply going on a small walk or jog. This helps in keeping your body active and helps you be energetic while studying. In a nutshell, it is mainly a prevention from being lazy. Moreover, exercise is a proven stress buster and will certainly help you bring down your stress levels during long hours of study.

3. Short study times with regular breaks

This is one basic fact that several people get wrong – simply sitting for long hours does not make studying effective. Studying for quick 1 hour times, followed by a 10 min snack or TV break is ideal. Always remember, keep the break short! Don’t get distracted. Another useful tip is to spend an extra 10 minutes and revise what you studied once you are back from your break. This is keep the continuity of your study going and also help you remember what you studied.

4. Sleep, but not too much

This is one small thing that several people seem to get wrong! You will see many people telling you to sleep for long hours as it “relaxes” you. Well, that is just something gone wrong. Sleeping too much will only make you lazy and the sleepiness will continue to be in your eyes for a while more. Ideal time to sleep while studying is about 5 to 7 hours. If you have a habit of sleeping in the afternoon too, then anything below 1 hour is the ideal time. Afternoon sleeps are proven to be refreshing and will help you remember more.

5. Revision is everything

Don’t look at revision as studying the same thing all over again, revision is simply a test to check whether you remember what you studied. Although we manage to grasp over 70% of what we study, we at many times forget the remaining 30%. Revision is what will help us remember the balance 30%.

Keep these tips in mind and study well. Happy studying! 

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