newsflashx November 27, 2017

Recently, a debate was held at New York on the topic “Islam, a religion of peace”. One of the speakers, who was speaking against the motion, completely stunned the audience after his logical and thought provoking questions. Douglas Murray, a best selling author from the United Kingdom completely silenced all the ones supporting the motion.


He starts of his speech by saying that one cannot evaluate whether Islam is a religion of peace or not without evaluating the facts about Islam. He then questions to the hypocrisy of liberal leftists who claim that “terrorism has no religion” when any attack is carried out by a Muslim terrorist.

“Its an absurd situation we are in, where nothing that anyone does whilst being Muslim is any responsibility of Islam. Yet, anything anyone does whilst being a Christian or a Jew is a responsibility of all Christians, all Jews,” he says.

Angry muslim man

He then explains how Islam itself has a history of violence. He points out how there are several violent verses which supersede all the so-called “peaceful” verses quoted by any Islamist. He exposes how they have had a history of violence and beheading non-believers.

He then points out the most important thing – no actual leaders of Islam dare to come out and debate in public, because they know for sure that it will only end up exposing the truth. “They will not debate. Time and again, the actual leaders of your religion, will not debate this. And we are left with people like you is because the leaders show these terrible lessons,” Murray continues.


“Although tonight that we hear from the panelists here about how Islam is a religion of peace, the fact is that the people who are making the decisions in the religion, the people who are preaching the religion, the heads of that religion, people like Sheikh al-Qaradawi who broadcast anti-semitic and the most appalling filth every week on the main networks, that is the faith. They are speaking for your guys,” he blasts out at the panelists.

“To say Islam is a religion of peace, is nonsense. It is to ignore reality. It is to ignore very difficult, but necessary facts, not paradigms, but facts. To say Islam is a religion of peace, is to say something completely based on hope, to elevate a hope into truth, and I hope as you know, history teaches us, that is a very bad thing to do,” he concludes his address.

Several Chinese Muslims have now immigrated to Malaysia

Then, answering a question from a Muslim panelist who was supporting the motion exposes how Muslim woman are treated as second class citizens by the Sharia Courts in his country, in the 21st century! Watch this eye opening video below to hear his what he exactly said. 


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