newsflashx November 16, 2017

Democrats have tried their best to ensure to bring out frivolous stories about Roy Moore, who will be contesting for Senator on a Republican ticket in Alabama. Early this week, one Beverly Young Nelson claimed that Roy Moore assaulted her when she was 16 years old. Beverly, who is 56 years old now claimed that the assault had happened somewhere  1976-77.

But now her stepson has come up to make a startling revelation about the whole case. Darrel Nelson posted a video on Facebook asking people from Alabama to believe in her tale. He said he has known her for quite long, and he did not think that she was telling the truth, and wanted to set the record straight about the possible Democrat sabotage in the upcoming Senatorial elections.

“I found out that my stepmother was one of the ladies that is accusing Roy Morre of an act, that supposedly happened when she was a teenager. My father’s name is John Allen Nelson. The woman that has committed this act is Beverly Young Nelson. Its hard for me to actually have this conversation, but it must be done. Mr Moore, I support you.

Beverly Young Nelson, the accuser (seen with Hillary Clinton)
Beverly Young Nelson, the accuser (seen with Hillary Clinton)

I don’t believe the acts that she claims you have done, I don’t believe it. I have known the women, she married my father many many years ago, I have known her for a while now, and I truly do not believe that she is being honest about this. You are a good judge, I have known your name since I was a kid. You cared about the ten commandments.

You tried like hell to keep the ten commandments from being taken out of the Court House, I remember. I have been a member of the County my whole life, I was born here. Now, I’m twisted. To you Mr Moore, your wife, I do apologize, for whatever reason she is doing this I am truly sorry. You’re a good man, I  do believe you are what Alabama needs to move forward. I stand behind you a 100%.

Darrel Nelson's Facebook display picture
Darrel Nelson’s Facebook display picture

And to my stepmother, for whatever reasons you did this, I have a few questions on this. Why did you wait so long for this? I mean, you waited, you said you were a teenager when this happened, and here it is now. I mean years later, you bring this up now when he is facing the vote,” Darrel Nelson said in the introduction to his video.

Darrel Nelson goes on to make several other startling revelations about the incident, and why he believe that his stepmother is just bluffing. This completely destroys the Democrat side of the story which the media has been showing us for sometime now. Watch the whole video below to see what he exactly said. 


Now that the truth is out, will the Democrats bother clarify? Let’s be honest, does this woman have proof? Or are these just baseless claims she is making out of thin air? It is high time that she comes out in the open and drops the truth.

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