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Even as the American tax payers are furious over the several Government subsidies and tax benefits which the NFL is currently enjoying, Roger Goodell, the current Commissioner of the NFL has set forth 3 outrageous conditions to the NFL Board if they want him to continue as the NFL Commissioner.

It is time for Americans to boycott the NFL

His demands come as his previous contract with the NFL comes to an end this year. As per his old contract, he earned a massive $30 million per year, but Goodell doesn’t seem very satisfied with this huge sum. A part of his three demands is a massive 65% hike from his current salary.

On August 8, 2006, Goodell was chosen to succeed the retiring Paul Tagliabue by the NFL Board, with a massive majority. However, all doesn’t seem very good for Goodell after reports suggested that he has been having conflicts with several team owners, and he may not actually be able to push through his unrealistic demands.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has openly opposed the demands of Goodell, and he even went on to say that he would sue the NFL if they went on to meet Goodell’s demands without consulting all team owners. Goodell’s contract is still at a negotiation stage, and if it doesn’t go through, he may have to take a major pay cut or resign as the Commissioner of the NFL.

Goodell’s outrageous demands..

Number 1: A revised annual salary of $49.5 million. If it goes through, it would mean Goodell would receive a 65% hike from the current $30 million that he receives.

Number 2: Goodell’s second demand was for a private jet, and that’s not all, he insists that it should be a lifetime private jet, which he could use for free even after leaving the NFL.

Number 3: Although he already receives a unimaginable salary already, Goodell’s third demand is for free lifetime medical insurance for all his family members. He certainly seems to think that $50 million isn’t enough to pay medical insurance!

A team owner responds.. and its EPIC!

A NFL team owner who spoke to sports giant ESPN on the condition of anonymity made it clear that most NFL team owners would not support Goodell this time. “Several owners in this league who don’t make $40 million a year. That number for Roger just seems too much. It’s offensive. It’s unseemly,” he said as per a report in Fox News.

Another team owner too criticized Goodell and said that he doesn’t seem to be focusing on the game anymore. “It’s about concussions, Jones vs. Goodell, [Ezekiel Elliott’s suspension], the anthem. No one is talking about football. It’s just killing the game,” the team owner told ESPN on condition of anonymity.

Via @NFL_memes
Via @NFL_memes

What do you think?

As NFL players continue to kneel during the national anthem – a symbol of absolute disrespect for our country and flag, Roger Goodell has not taken any action regarding the issue and has largely remained mum. This man is in fact scared to speak about this to the team owners and players.

As NFL continues to disrespect our country, do you think Goodell deserves this massive 65% hike (which will be indirectly paid from the millions o dollars NFL saves from their tax breaks). WHAT ARE YOUR VIEWS? COMMENT BELOW! 

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