newsflashx November 28, 2017

Ever since Donald Trump announced that he would run for President, he has made it clear that he supports gun rights. Throughout his before, during, and after his presidential campaign, he has made it clear that he will take any step necessary to protect the right to bear arms.

Even after the Texas Church shooting, President Trump had highlighted how several lives were saved only because a person living right opposite the Church had a shotgun and was able to shoot down the attacker. But all these were just words. Now, President Trump has put his words into action, and taken an amazing decision which has left the Democrats extremely angry.

One of Trump’s most ambitious plans was to bring into force the National Defense Authorization Act of 2018, which calls for several huge reforms in the way the military functions. However, a new clause included in the Act comes as good news for gun owners.

The M1911A1

The American military currently has a huge inventory of unused surplus guns which are simply going waste in storage. The new provision which was inserted last week now will allow the military to sell surplus M1911 pistols to the public.

The M1911-3812

This will not only lead to a huge revenue to the military, but also save around $200,000 per year, that is the annual storage cost of these pistols. As per reports, the military will soon be selling as many as 100,000 pieces of the M1911 pistols, and the storage costs for these guns currently cost $2 per year per gun.

The build of the M1911

The M1911 which is currently held by many collectors, was officially retired back in 1985 after the military decided to replace them with new Beretta 92 pistols. The M1911s were largely used during Word War I, Word War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, and several other wars prior to 1985.

A graphical representation of loading the M1911

For old time veterans, this pistol is not just a collectible. It traveled with the American troops for over 100 years, helping the American military in ever crisis, war and hot spot. 

“Because of the limited number and the exceedingly high demand for the pistol, and the great level of Congressional scrutiny, the Board of Directors will make a decision regarding how sales will be handled. We have no further information at this time,” said Judith Legerski, the Chairman of the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP).

A refurbished M1911

The pistol was retired from the military mainly because newer versions of other pistols could be disassembled easily as compared to the M1911. Although the M1911 would not make the best of the gun for shooting, it would surely be an amazing addition to anyone’s gun collection!

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