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The North African nation of Libya has been facing the worst of times since a decade. The bad days for Libya started back in 2008 when the then Obama Administration in the United States of America accused Libyan dictator Muammar al-Gaddafi of using chemical weapons against his own citizens.

A mother and her son hide under a blanket in a rescue boat from Libya

Several Western nations including the United States and the United Kingdom joined forces to uproot Gaddafi’s military dictatorship after he blatantly refused to requests from several nations to “surrender” and agree for UN intervention.

A public slave auction in Libya

Following this was a few years of intense war which ultimately led to Gaddafi being killed in public by the citizens of Libya, and Barrack Obama declaring in a public news conference that “the shadow of tyranny over Libya has been lifted”.

Several people are different views about whether America and other countries should have actually intervened in Libya, especially after no traces of any chemical weapons were found in the country. Despite opposing views regarding this issue, one thing is certain, what happened after Gaddafi’s brutal dictatorship was uprooted was the worst thing that could have possibly happened. 

The American and British military helped radical anti-Gaddafi groups to throw him out and take siege of the country. But one small fact was forgotten by them all – the ones who were overtaking Libya from Gaddafi were extremist Islamic terrorists.

Libya has become a modern-day slave market, keeping migrants at the mercy of a complex trafficking web tolerated by the country’s many militia groups, an issue largely ignored by the world, a Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer said on Wednesday. Narciso Contreras, who spoke to migrants kept as slaves during a documentary photography project in Libya, said global attention focused on the North African country as a gateway for migrants attempting to reach Europe by sea.

The elimination of Gaddafi meant good news for one terrorist group – Al Qaida. They thrived and managed to establish their regime over Libya. Most of the resources in the nation were within a few years overtaken by Al Qaida. Obama’s aggressive policies against Libya had indirectly helped Al Qaida to come to power.

This only spelled bad news for the Libyans. Al Qaida terrorists now had access to Libya’s vast oil reserves, access to Gaddafi’s huge gold reserves, and most importantly, the massive weaponry that Gaddafi had built. This helped Al Qaida to not only establish themselves in Libya, but also fund their terrorist operations overseas.

Till today, there exits no proper political system in Libya and large portions of the nation continue to be controlled by extremist Islamic terrorists. Although there are different views about Obama’s real intentions about the military intervention in Libya, in the end, it only ended up as a base for Islamic terrorism.

Once the oil reserves became dry and the gold reserves were empty, Al Qaida started looking for a new way to make money – by selling people. Radical terrorists once again restarted the disgusting practice of flesh trade, and started selling Black slaves to neighboring terrorist nations.

As per ground reports, the human slaves are sold to international buyers, who are paying between $300 to $600 per human slave. And what is shocking is that they continue to be in demand from Islamic nations around North Africa who are looking for foot soldiers and servants to fight the governments.

Several photographs and reports from deep inside Libya shed light on the slave trade. The slaves are often stuffed in cages in inhumane conditions, hug from their legs, separated from their families, raped, and sold in open markets like cattle.

What is extremely shocking is that the global media is remaining completely silent about this gross violation of basic human rights. Not a single media house has bothered to run campaigns like they do for several other propaganda, and not one journalist has bothered to highlight this issue in their “prime time” news coverage.

Even as the NFL players continue to kneel during each game, not one of them has bothered to open their mouths about this issue. Colin Kaepernick who started to kneel during games to protest against “racism” has conveniently maintained silence about Black slave trade, which is the worst form of racism and racial oppression.

Even the United Nations seems to be more interested in helping people from Iraq and Syria to immigrate to Western countries, but they have done little to help the people of Libya. They have failed to help Libya either in the form of economic or military aid.

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