newsflashx September 23, 2017
K.J. Singh murdered

In a shocking development today, senior journalist K.J. Singh and his mother were found dead at his Mohali residence. Singh and his mother stayed alone, with a few servants who frequented the home. Both of them were aged and ailing from sickness.

Police reveals info

Sources in the police force revealed that there were no signs of forced entry and they were suspecting someone who was close with the family to have committed the crime. Singh was murdered first, after which his 92 year old mother too was killed with a blunt object.

The police are currently looking for finger prints in the scene of the crime. The police also said that they have not ruled out whether this case could be a robbery. The crime was reported guest who had come to see Singh.

K.J. Singh found murdered
L: The Crime scene, R: K.J. Singh

K.J. Singh was a legend

K.J. Singh is a sensational journalist who has reported several important issues in north India and Punjab in particular. He was very well known among the journalist and politician communities for his work He began his career with the Indian Express and has worked at several media houses post that.

As soon as the news came out, former Punjab Deputy Chief Minister took to Twitter to condemn the incident. “I condemn ghastly murder of senior journalist K.J. Singh and his mother at Mohali. Urge police to nab perpetrators imm,” he Tweeted.

Why are journos being targeted?

This murder comes at a time when several journalists are being killed in India. Within the last month, 3 journalists including K.J. Singh have been murdered.

On 5th September, journalist Gauri Lankesh was murdered. She ran the Lankesh Patrike, a fortnightly magazine in Karnataka.

This week, Santanu Bhowmik, a journalist with “Dinrat”, a North East India magazine was murdered by extremists in Tripura. Although social media made some noise for Lankesh, most of these social media activists seemed absent when Bhowmik was murdered.

Shantanu Bhowmik
Shantanu Bhowmik

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