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Have you ever thought about what the whole rationale was behind alluring young Christian youth in America and converting them Islam? Well, it is not just to “spread the message of Allah” as most Muslim clerics claim. A former Muslim over telephonic conversation to revealed what their true intentions actually are.


The man who spoke to us was in fact scared of the consequences of what he was going to tell us, and he spoke to us only on the condition of anonymity. He explained that he was born into a normal middle class American family and was a Catholic Christian by birth. He studied in a Catholic school, and then decided to go to college.

It is in college where his life turned around. He said he met a few Muslim youth in his college who were “overly affectionate” with him. Slowly these Muslim youth started to talk to him about Islam and the Quran and invited him to participate in their festivals. He then after a few months was completely brainwashed and decided to convert to Islam.

Several Chinese Muslims have now immigrated to Malaysia

Their BIG PLAN..

He further went on to explain that although not all Muslims were radical, he did meet certain extremist Muslims over the course of time, and these people had a big master plan in mind, to slowly convert America into an Islamic Republic, and much against what we think, without the use of any violence.

He termed the whole 3 step plan as “Population Jihad”, whereby the Muslim Clerics were slowly now focusing on how Islam could be expanded in America and conquer our country to power in numbers and votes. Read on to know the SHOCKING details of this 3 step plan. 

Step 1 – Infiltrate

He revealed that the first step to establishing the rule of Islam in America was by infiltrating institutions in America and increasing immigration of Muslims into America. He said that like him several people were converted to Islam in their college days when they were vulnerable and not mature enough to make sensible decisions.

The long term aim was to slowly increase the number of Muslims in the United States by either increasing the inflow of Muslims into our country or converting existing people into Islam. He also said that the latter was preferred because then they would have a “American citizen who was Muslim” rather than a immigrant who could not vote.

Marine Le Pen beautifully explains the effects of infiltration
Marine Le Pen beautifully explains the effects of infiltration

Step 2 – Populate

Although in step 1 they focused on increasing the Muslim population, this would not help much because a major portion of the people would be immigrants who would come here on a Visa and not as citizens. A citizen would be eligible for several monetary benefits unlike an immigrant. Moreover, only citizens can vote.

So the second step mainly focuses on forcing the exiting Muslims to have children in the United States as if a child was born her,e as per the law, the child would be considered an American citizen. This child will help them to strive for their cause in the long run.

Step 3 – Influence

This is the most important step and which is quite evident today. Due to the above two steps, they would be a major constituent of the American demography. This would force politicians to do whatever the Muslims wanted in order to get their votes.

In fact, this is indeed why people like Hillary Clinton appease Muslims. All they want from them is their votes. And to get their votes, they have no other option but to give in to their demands. In fact, in several European nations, Muslim immigrants are now demanding that Sharia law be imposed.

As John Adams, the 2nd President of the United States rightly pointed out, those populations who have the numbers in form of votes have the power to instill fear within the Government
As John Adams, the 2nd President of the United States rightly pointed out, those populations who have the numbers in form of votes have the power to instill fear within the Government

What is the way out – BEING REALISTIC!

So what really is the way out? Well, contrary to what several people think, violence will in no way help. The only thing that can help in any manner is by spreading awareness about the real intentions. Be aware, they can do nothing if people are aware of their plans.

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Reading this article, one can only remember this evergreen quote by President John F. Kennedy, and in this context, it completely makes sense..

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