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Why engineers for investment banks

Top investment banks are the first to line up in IITs and NITs to get the best of the batch – but why? Although to layman it would seem that a commerce graduate would have much better ability to work in an investment bank due to the relevant portions, the reality is some what far away. So what is it that drives investment banks to hire engineers, who know nothing about the commerce world, to be in the center of the commerce world?

Why not commerce graduates?

Well, it is two main reasons. The first being that commerce education in India is not that great. Apart from Chartered Accountancy, no commerce course seems to be imbibing much knowledge into the students. Moreover, due to the low scope of the syllabus in B Com and BBA degrees, students don’t seem be to be really that hard working. Moreover, the commerce syllabus in most universities lack any real world “problem solving” subjects.

Another important aspect which the commerce graduates lack is that they are not very much in touch with math. This is where the engineers come in. Irrespective of the field of engineering, at least basic math is needed throughout the course and hence engineering students end up becoming a better choice of the two for investment banks.

Why Engineers for investment banks?

Moreover, all investment banks look for one simple aspect – how hard con you work, and can you handle the pressure. In the present day situation, there is too much competition among engineers, both to prove themselves and to get jobs. However, this is somewhat absent in the under graduate commerce world.

Most engineers who get into investment banks, have a lot more on their resume other than just a degree. They do have this because they have the pressure to achieve something. They have the experience to work under pressure, which the commerce graduates lack.

Commerce education needs to change

To have real meaning in the corporate world, the only to make commerce under graduates more valuable is to ensure that the syllabus is more more relevant to what happens in the real world rather than the same old repititive syllabus it has been for over three decades.

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