newsflashx November 17, 2017

Ex-Muslim speaks up

Several right wing activists in America have been warning the citizens about Islam. Many people say that it is a incurable epidemic and Americans need to wake up right now and prevent it from spreading. But all these people are mostly Christians or atheists, without much knowledge of Islam. But here is a confession by an ex-Muslim about the truth of Islam.


She gives a terrifying warning to all Americans about Islam. She says at the outset that she was a Muslim from birth throughout her life until recently when she converted to Christianity. As an ex-Muslim, she says she received several warnings from Muslims and without any option moved to America for her own safety.

“Legal Jihad” exposed

She says that she has been observing the American media for sometime now and Americans are being fed wrong information. She says most of the important news is being hidden from the eyes of viewers and whatever appears is censored. This is why she made the video in order to expose the reality of Islam to every American.

Angry muslim man

She warns every American about an unheard type of Jihad, “legal jihad”. The ex-Muslim lady says the previous Government’s policies were such that several thousand Muslim immigrants could come easily into the country. The main aim of each of these immigrants was not survival, but the implementation of Sharia law.


She then makes a straight question to every Muslim in the world. She asks them to interpret and ask one simple question, “Can this be God?”. She rips apart the evil practices in Islam and exposes the truth behind the religion that is spreading fear throughout the world. Watch this video below:

She asks every American to unite, stand up and question the idiotic practices that are existing in our country. She says that Muslim have managed to infiltrate everything from the media to colleges. She is quite right. It is time all of us stood together and spoke up against radical Islam. Share this post if you agree with her views! 

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