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How to build a big Facebook page

Looking at the scenario on the internet today, for anyone who is wanting market their producer, or get traffic to their website, or promote a cause, or build a viewership, or simply to get their voice out there, a Facebook page seems to be the best option.

Options like Search Engine Optimization, or StumbleUpon, applications like Flipboard remain good options for marketers and blog owners, but do not have the wide range of options that Facebook has. From accommodating a full catalog of your products, to establishing a payment gateway, Facebook accommodates everything.

So now that Facebook seems like the most lucrative option, let’s get into the basics of how to establish a Facebook page and ensure that you get a good number of followers, who are actually interested in your page. There are several websites who offer likes on a payment basis. These may make your page look popular, but the real effect of the same would be nil.

Here is are the three steps which can get you famous: 

1. Good content

Even if you are selling products on Facebook, make sure you have other content which will get your publicity, and ensure that this content has something to do with your product or blog. Respect the Facebook page as an asset entity and give it due attention and care.

Do not think of the Facebook page as a mere medium to divert people to your blog or product. A Facebook page deserves individual attention and content dedicated to Facebook. This is an important aspect which several people miss out on.

Good content will not only help you grow, but will ensure to keep your existing audience engaged with your page. Based on a study of Facebook’s algorithm, a more active page with higher engagements will get you a decent place on your follower’s feed.

Another important aspect is to keep the page active. Make sure you make at least 3-4 posts a day, out of which, only 1 is a blog or product post as the case may be. Do not excessively post about your product only as it tends to make your user bored on seeing the same thing again and again.

2. Use other Facebook features to help you grow

Based on observation of several people handling big Facebook pages, Facebook always follows the system of giving precedence to its content made using its features rather than the normal content on Facebook pages.

For example as soon as Facebook launched its LIVE feature, it was extremely evident that Facebook’s algorithm is tuned in such a way that any post which is currently live would show up right on the top of a follower’s feed. This would help your page grow to a major extent, considering your content is impressive enough to get a lot of shares.

Also based on past observation, posts in groups which are active also who up at a decent rank in feeds. Sharing a post from your Facebook page to a group is exactly what we are suggesting. Your page will get increased reach and even like minded audience from the groups.

To top it all off, make sure you share your live Facebook videos in groups, they work like a wonder. You can easily get at least 100,000 followers in 6 months if you keep going live everyday and sharing that on groups. In face live polls are doing very well on Facebook, which are created using software like OBS.

3. Facebook adverts for your Facebook page

This can be called somewhat a controversial opinion. These are several people who staunchly believe that Facebook adverts are not at all worth it. We think differently. In fact, Facebook is one of the platforms which the cheapest conversion rates you can get on the internet, if and only if used correctly.

One of the most common mistakes people make while advertising on Facebook is that they fail to make a proper selection of audience. Facebook shows your advert to only those people whom you want to see. Although, you cannot pick and choose names, there are some pretty awesome options which help you select accurate targets.

Some people make a rookie mistake by thinking that if they choose a wide audience or don’t set any parameters, they will end up reaching more people. You are right, you will reach more people, but they will not convert! It is best that Facebook adverts are set the most accurate target as possible, including filters for country, state, political interest, product interests, etc.

Also, in case you have managed to establish your Facebook page but feel that your audience is not active enough and not interacting with your page, there is an option to set the target to only the people who like your page.

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