newsflashx November 17, 2017

You may really like a political figure – but does that really mean you subscribe to their ideologies? This quiz is based on popular opinion about various issues which political leaders promote during their run for office. Deep inside, do you really support their ideologies?

Answer this short 10 question quiz to find out our real political preferences. Note: This quiz is made based on popular public opinion regarding issues, and may not always be accurate, so do take it with a pinch of salt!

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What do the answers really say about your personality?

Question 1: In general, conservative Republicans tend to be against interest free loans to students, while left wing liberals generally feel that subsidized education should be a basic right that each student deserves.

Question 2: Over the past few months, liberal Americans have supported the players who knelt during the national anthem in the NFL, while the players have been severely criticized by conservative Americans.

Question 3: Conservatives have for long criticized the free health care programs given by the Government and feel that the Government should in no way be involved in the healthcare sector. Meanwhile, liberal Americans have for long supported free and subsidized healthcare programs like ObamaCare.

Question 4: Gun rights has been one of the most debated topics in American history, and conservative Americans have always supported the 2nd amendment to bare arms, while liberal Americans have asked for stricter gun control.

Question 5: LGBTQ rights has been a very touchy issue for sometime now. In a general trend, ultra-conservative folk have spoken against LGBTQ rights, while the Democrats have for long supported the LGBTQ community and asked for more freedom for them.

Question 6: Immigration had been a matter of huge discussion in the United States. While conservatives believe immigration is stealing jobs and needs to stop, liberal Americans have for long supported immigration saying that it promotes “human rights”.

Question 7: For long, this was a heated debate between Republicans and Democrats. While the Republicans felt that transsexual people should not be allowed to use ladies’ washrooms, while liberal activists have been fighting for their right to do so.

Question 8: Republicans generally tend to choose Donald Trump, liberals tend to choose Barrack Obama, and those with a mix of both ideologies generally tend to choose John F. Kennedy.

Question 9: Liberal politicians have for long felt that defense requires a budget cut in order to support programs such as health care. Republicans have for long protested against free healthcare demand that the Government quit the healthcare industry. However, people have had mixed views about welfare schemes, as liberals support welfare schemes in general, and the conservatives support welfare schemes for veterans, etc.

Question 10: Republicans have during the past few years, openly called out majority of the American media for being “Fake News Media”. Meanwhile, liberals continue to support several news channels like MSNBC and CNN.

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