NewsFlashX.com was started in September 2017. The primary aim of NewsFlashX is to bring about reports, articles, and opinions from around the world.

The heart and soul of this website, which differentiates it from others is to report without bias and make sure we do not mix up our personal views with news.

We are a team of individuals striving to bring about a revolution in digital media, a big change from most of the main stream websites, which tend to lean towards particular political ideologies.

Another important factor which led to the founding of NewsFlashX was because the common citizen of every country is being denied the right of his voice being heard. We strive to be a platform where every person gets a chace to express their opinion.

We seek to keep improving as we keep going. Your constant support and criticism is only what can help us grow.

Godspeed (if a God does exist)!