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How to lose weight

Loose weight, don’t wait!

Almost ever second person you meet has one of their new year’s resolutions unfinished – “to loose weight”! So how do you actually loose weight, yet stay healthy. The biggest catch with most online recommendations is hard exercise. Let’s be honest though –who the hell wants to exercise! Well, we have a well tested method for you to loose a lot of weight with a few simple methods. Its tested, tried and scientific!

The logic

The logic to weight loss is quite simple and to be honest, just plain math and simple science. Everyone knows what a negative digit is. Say we have 300 and we give away 400, we are at a loss of 100. Weight loss is that simple. Here’s how it works, you have to loose more calories than you gain in a day. For example, if you gain 300 calories by eating foods, you have to loose 400 calories or at the minimum 300 calories to loose weight or stay at a no weight gain situation, respectively.

The diet

So what should you eat? The most difficult part as people claim is not exercise, but dieting. You need low calorie diet, but at the same time you need enough energy to survive the day without feeling tired. Before we start of with what and what not to eat, just remember, anything white is a no. Milk, yogurt, butter, ghee, sugar – everything is to be avoided. Cottage cheese however is fine.

So here’s how it works. Our foods contain 2 main constituents -proteins and carbohydrates. Both contain calories, but protein has much lesser calories as compared to carbs. By consuming protein rich food, we can both feel full and diet at the same time.

So what are some of the high protein foods? Well, keep in mind we are avoiding oil. What worked out for me was salads. A lot of salads with olives, lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, celery, mushrooms, extremely low fat mayo (to satisfy my taste buds), salt, and loads of cottage cheese. Lunch and dinner was salads, while for breakfast, I had 3 to 4 glasses of watermelon juice or fruits. If you want to consume fruits, make sure you have it only for breakfast and lunch as they contain fructose which if consumed at night simply turns to empty calories.

Light exercise

My exercise routine was quite simple, very easy, possible for anyone to do. All I did was walk for 40 minutes a day. Walk at a decent pace, listening to my favorite music. Although this method of weight loss is not exercise intensive, your cells need to loosen up a little in order to help you loose weight. This is what exercise helps in.

Add on:

Although the above is more than enough, a few add ons like coffee (without milk or with skimmed milk, both without sugar), tea (same specification as coffee) may be fine. Green tea though, is the best. Green tea is what gets you body metabolism up and actually helps you loosing weight. Here’s one more great advantage of green tea – it keeps you from feeling hungry!

This was my routine:
  1. 6.00 AM – Wake up
  2. 6.30 AM to 7.15 AM – Exercise
  3. 7.15 AM to 9.00 AM -Get ready
  4. 9.00 AM – 4 glasses of juice (watermelon or carrot or cucumber or tomato or orange)
  5. 11.00 AM – Green Tea
  6. 1.00 PM – Salad
  7. 4.00 PM – Green Tea
  8. 7.30 PM – Salad
  9. 11.45 PM – Sleep
  10. All this and I lost about 50 pounds in 5 months!

Don’t feel shy

So what if you’re friends tease you for dieting? I am sure the same one will hit on you after 5 months! Don’t worry and keep on going!

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