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How to grow website traffic

Grow website traffic!

Every amateur who starts a website faces several problems. Starting from narrowing down on a name for your website, to designing it, the toughest part remains actually getting people to come to your traffic. We thought we’d simplify things for you and teach how to grow website traffic with these 5 easy methods!

1. Have something that matters

The most important part of driving traffic to your website is to have content that matters to your viewers. We highly recommend you have content that is narrow and specific so that you retain the little initial traffic you get. Meaningful content ensures you engage with your viewers. Make sure you have a comments section and an email subscribing option. The first lesson to grow website traffic is to keep what you have. Include a lot of images, videos etc and ensure viewers are happy.

2. Social media

Social media is perhaps something which makes a huge difference for anyone with a website. Be it selling products or maintaining a casual blog, your social media presence matters. Our personal favorite remains Facebook for the huge volumes of traffic it can help you generate and quite easily! Always remember, your page doesn’t have to be in your name. If it is a third party page on Facebook or a friend posting your links, it all helps.

3. Buy cheap traffic in the initial stages

This is not a long term necessity but in the initial stages, you do need it. Although options like Google AdSense, Tabools and Outbrain are somewhat costly, keep in mind that there are several cheaper alternatives. Websites like  offer traffic at much cheaper rates than the above mentioned. Contacting Facebook pages with similar audiences that you would want on your website and offering them a token amount for sharing your articles also works out miraculously.

4. SEO matters!

Not every person who starts a website is a professional who can rule the Search Engine Optimization part. But to be honest, you don’t need to know much. There are simple free plug ins which can help you finish your SEO work with ease. For example Yoast SEO for WordPress websites is a blessing in disguise. Not only does it help with SEO work, it also helps you maintain good “readability” for all types of viewers. Getting a SSL certificate too helps in going up rankings. Creating a lot a back links too helps you rank well on Google.

5. Don’t loose hope!

Last but not the least, this is the most important thing to grow website traffic in the long run. We will not see any results for about 8 months, for sure! But do not loose hope. Several research reports show that regular posts with SEO work ensure that pages get on Google page 1 search results eventually. The biggest tip one can give you is to not loose hope. Even if you;re considering selling your website, always remember that a website younger than 6 months is not worth anything!

Cheers and good luck to grow website traffic!

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